Below you can find a list of PEACE CEREMONIES, the ones that have been held as well as the upcoming ones. As the World Sand is travelling in this moment, there are no ceremonies planned in Belgium. But if you are interested to participate, please collect already your jar of sand, and follow the sand in this page. You can ask by email to be informed on all new ceremonies!


August 2010 : Opening Ceremony by Zonneklasje Steenhuffel and Heyokateljee



August 2010 : 2 peace ceremonies by music workshops Calista and by Yoga4kids



September 2010 : Ceremony by Zonneklasje at Reet and final ceremony by Heyokateljee




July 2011 : Ceremony with children in Bamako, Mali, organised by Heyokateljee



August and september 2011 : 6 ceremonies in Belgium by Zonneklasjes, Heyokateljee, and Yoga4kids




September 2010 : ceremony in the Netherlands with the children land constructors of Kinderavonturenland



October 2011 : Ceremony in Sweden at Korp and Robert's place and held by Heyokateljee




End of january 2012 : Ceremony at and by HealingHereAndNow in Goa, INDIA



April 2012 : Ceremony in Auroville, India in held by Sankalpa Journeys




21 july 2012 : Ceremony in Versailles, France, by Minthé Aguas Unidas together with Heyokateljee .



25 july 2012 at 3 PM : Ceremony in Tervuren, by Minthé Aguas Unidas, collecting water from all over the world in a ritual way and Hilde with the World Sand ( Heyokateljee )



september 2012 : Peace Ceremony at Marrik's on there welcoming days



Spring 2013 : World Peace Ceremony near Nablus, Palestine



18 mai 2013 : World Drum meets World Sand in Peer



Septembre 2013 : ceremony for world peace in the international Festival pour la Paix chez Lothorien in France



Spring 2013 : World Sand meets World Drum in Stekene

Tambour du monde


2 juin 2013 : World Drum meets World Sand in Geetbets



June 2013 : World Sand travelled to the Netherlands to join a powerful cercle and meet once more the World Drum.



12 april 2015: Creation of a sand circle together with Richard van Rijswijk and peace ceremony with the World Sand. We start the creation of de geometry in Kootwijkerzand, Holland at 11AM. You can read more about Richard van Rijswijk on his website









15 august 2015: World Peace Sand Ceremony in Glastonbury, England. You can join us there, please contact us at