If you want to support this project, you can … indeed! You can contact us to get the brochures to print in pdf. You can leave them at the local bakery, distribute them along your children’ classmates, at the ballet school or in your circle of acquaintances. Or perhaps you know people who are about to make a long journey? And above all ... make sure you do this before the beginning of the (school) holidays.

Do you know of a lovely place to hold a ceremony? Then please go ahead and organize a ceremony of your own, we will gladly assist you!
It is also possible to hold this ceremony at your school, your boy or girl scout group, as a sort of “back to school” ceremony after the holidays. So do make sure children or adolescents know well before the holidays they are expected to bring along the sand that they collected from a nice and special place. And the sand will still hold the smell of the previous holiday, and the children will tell each other about the places where the sand comes from, where they enjoyed their holidays. And all these joyful memories are mixed in the sand. The desire for peace that goes in with it is an extra dimension.

As a parent you can draw with your children the word 'Peace' in the sand on a beach or elsewhere, and take a picture of these words. We will publish them here, together with those of other children. In this way we will create one big peace circle of children asking for peace and harmony through space and time.

mir vrede