When we think of the earth we walk on, we usually think of sand. Where there is no asphalt, where there are no tiles, no flooring, no concrete pavers, there is often sand to rest our feet on. Sand is a simple yet powerful symbol of our mother earth.

Sand is everywhere on earth, they are tiny pieces of stone, but what the sand looks like and what kind of rock it contains, depends on the place where you select the sand. Sand can also be called earth, and like air, the earth we stand on, is essential to us people. To walk on the earth and to breathe the air, are vital. Indians therefore call Earth their mother and their father: the sky.

Every human child which is born, breathes air. Every child born people, walks on the earth. And every son of man that is not resting, standing, sitting, jumping or dancing, lies on the earth.

Earth is not just sand, earth is our planet, our mother ... We mix the sand that everyone has brought from all these beautiful places around the world and turn it into World Sand, sand in which many beautiful, cold, warm, dry, wet, fertile , arid places on earth merge and we make all borders vanish.